555 West 23rd Street
555 West 23rd Street

Manhattan, NY


Douglaston Development


Architectural Design
Interior Design

Project Size

310,000 gsf

The project is located on the north side of West 23rd St. between 10th and 11th Avenue, running through block to 24th St. and contains nearly an acre of land area. The project maximizes the through-block opportunity by constructing north and south wings containing 337 dwelling units, linked by an interior through block mews.

At the center, a glass covered atrium provides vertical access to multi-level tenant amenity spaces and common areas, consisting of a lounge and laundry room at the lowest level, fitness club at an intermediate level from which one can climb a sweeping, ornamental staircase leading to an outdoor landscaped courtyard which contains a jogging track, dog walk and landscaped sitting areas located on the second floor above the parking garage.

The 23rd Street façade, which houses the project’s main entrance, is inspired by the best traditions of historic New York City mercantile buildings. It is constructed of a reddish colored brick which is rusticated on the ground floor. The upper floors contain extensive brick ornamentation consistent with the building's mercantile image. The verticality of the structure is articulated by projecting brick piers that are divided every other story by a cast stone plinth. The top of the building is subtly stepped to reduce its visual bulk and maximize the permitted zoning dormer projection. The entire facade is capped by an open grating aluminum cornice, a contemporary twist on a historic prototype. Windows are oversized and unique in that they are projecting awnings, reminiscent of industrial buildings, rather than standard sliding windows.

One enters the complex through a double height lobby containing a 24 hour concierge as well as an ample seating area. On the typical floors the elevator lobby is day lit and overlooks the landscaped courtyard which is the unifying feature of the project. Individual dwelling units have been efficiently designed, maximizing the room sizes and minimizing wasted space. The bathrooms and kitchens are oversized with generous use of natural stone and ceramic tile. The kitchens feature open pass through counters and are unique in that the upper cabinets are "L" shaped and do not restrict the visual impact of the space.